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The Michigan Initiative for Science Policy Fellowship Program

The MISP Fellowship Program will join a growing group of state programs that place recent science, technology, engineering, and medicine PhD graduates in state governments to provide a resource for nonpartisan science-informed policy directly to policy makers. The 11 state programs currently in operation, including Missouri and Idaho, provide a framework and examples of a diversity of program models across vastly different state government structures, political landscapes, and policy needs. The MISP Fellows Program will be the first post-doctoral state program in the Great Lakes Region, supporting Michigan in attracting and retaining graduate science talent.

Fellow eligibility and placement

The MISP Fellowship Program is a postdoctoral fellowship. Applicants to the program will need to hold a PhD in a science, technology, engineering, or medical field by the time their fellowship begins. Fellows will be selected through a rigorous interview process and then placed in executive agencies and the Michigan Legislative Service Bureau through a match process. Prior to and throughout their placement, fellows will participate in professional development and policy trainings.

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