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Building a stronger Michigan through science-informed policy

Photo courtesy of Tim Trombley

Our Vision

For the Great lakes state

That Michigan continues to establish itself as an innovative leader in science and technology, bolstering the capacity of the state to support burgeoning economies, while protecting the health and safety of Michiganders.


Our Mission

To engage scientific experts and decision-makers in mutually beneficial relationships to strengthen policy through scientific knowledge and research, while training and retaining skilled scientists in the state.

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We believe in the power of partnerships, leveraging experience, expertise, and a diversity of perspectives across academic, research, philanthropic, and government institutions to fulfill our mission.

HOw can you help?

We are currently working to garner support for the Michigan Initiative for Science Policy Fellows Program across the state of Michigan with organizations, academic institutions, private businesses, and elected officials. If you would like to support our initiative, please visit the support us page to submit a letter of support.

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